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Marvel Comics Movie Update


Link: Marvel’s Slate From 2nd Quarter Report

I thought this was cool. Marve Comics just put up their latest projections for release date on movies and all. There really wasn’t much new stuff, but there were a few things that I thought were cool. They are planning on making some Avengers cartoons for DVD release. I think that is a good idea, because trying to do a live action version would be extremely difficult. And it is good to see that Hulk 2, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Silver Surfer are still in the cards. I thought that a few of these would have been scrapped already, but they are all still a go. Makes me happy.

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Google Movie Showtimes

Movies, Web/Tech

Okay, so I have been using the Google interface to get my movie showtimes for quite a while. And just recently I took a look at the Google version of the same thing. I didn’t realize how much better it is than its counterpart. Google’s search can sort by movie or theater so you can either decide what you want to see at a certain theater or decide which theater to go see a certain movie at. Plus it has a star rating via IMDB next to each movie so you can see how other people are rating the movie you are thinking of going to see. Now, Yahoo’s service makes it so you can check to see what movies are playing, but it is a little more tedious and harder to understand. So if you want to check out the differences you can go to the Yahoo version here, and the Google version here and check it out. Both have their good points, but I am just not sure which one I will use more. Time will tell, right?

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New Serenity Trailer


Okay, so like I said before sci-fi is airing Firefly on Friday nights. Well, during tonight’s episode, they showed the premiere of the new trailer during the show. With each trailer I see, I get more excited. It is going to be sooooo good. I really hope I don’t set it up too high on a pedestal where I am let down, but I can’t help it. It is an amazing show, and I am sure will be a great movie. As soon as the new trailer is posted, I will let you know and point you in the right direction. And here is my little plug for Firefly. If you haven’t seen the show, the DVD’s are out and you have to see them.

I said I would, so here is the link to the official Serenity Trailer.

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Review of The Island


Well, I went last weekend to see The Island and am just now getting the chance to put up a review of it. I figured that if anyone wanted to go see it this coming up weekend, then I could ablige them with a review of what to expect. So if you want to read my review of the movie hop over to my Random Reviews site and check it out.

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X-Men 3 Casting


Link: IGN: X-Men 3.
IGN has the latest on the casting surrounding X-Men 3. They have finally cast someone in the role of Kitty Pryde. Even though it was thought to be Maggie Grace from Lost, instead it is an unknown. I like it better, but that is just me. Plus this girl is a lot younger, which fits the character more. The link also has a bunch of other casting stories from the movie and a picture of Kitty Pryde’s actress.

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The Island Review


39mThe island stars Scarlett Johanssen and Ewan McGregor in a role about clones who did not know that they were clones, but after finding out, they are on the run from those who created them to be brought in for parts or to be destroyed.
This was one of the movies that I was really looking forward to this summer. I wanted this to be the thinking action movie that was in a Matrixesque style to get your adrenaline pumping, and you mind to stay focused and try to sort out all of the questions that are laid before you throughout the movie. But this was not that movie. I am not saying that it was a bad movie, far from it. But it just wasn’t what I was expecting. There are some great action scenes, and it looks amazing. The performances are solid, and it is a fun ride, but the plot just leaves a lot to be desired. There are numerous plot holes, and a large amount of points where the unbelievability just overwhelms you. But overall it was an okay movie that I give a 6 out of 10.

Like I said above, the movie was fun. It was a good action movie that looked superb. One thing that I have to say about Micheal Bay’s movies is the fact that it is truly hard to distinguish between what is CGI and what is prop-based. He does an amazing job of not overdoing the effects, but instead using them to liven up the real life articles and props that are used by the actors. The movie visually was stunning. Not just because of the effects, but the use of color and his shooting angles really fit very well into the world that he involves you in.

The movie takes place around 2050 and people who have money have the opportunity to spend a large chunk of it on backup organs created in labs by a scientific facility so that if something happens to them, then they can simply go get their backup heart or lung and replace the one that they have messed up. It is explained later in the movie as to why they don’t just manufacture the organs instead of the people, but it was an effective piece of story, even if it was scripted badly, so I will not let it out. Certain clones in the facility begin to question their existence and all of the things that are around them. From then on, they are on the run and it leads them all over the place.

The action in it was great. There is a chase scene that was one of the best chase scenes I have ever seen. But like I said before, don’t think too much about the storyline or it won’t work out quite as well for you.

The acting was really impressive. How Micheal Bay got this group of actors together I will never know. I mean, Scarlett Johanssen and Ewan McGregor is enough, but he also has Djimon Hounsou and Sean Bean as major players. It was really impressive. They all did a phenomenal job in this movie, but I have to keep coming back to the script as the problem. It was one of those movies that tried so hard to be deep, but then decided about halfway through that it wanted to be an action movie instead, and kind of dropped trying to get the feelings of the characters and their thoughts. Steve Buscemi and Micheal Clarke Duncan are in this movie as well, but they are simply minor characters to push story onward. They both did good jobs, but they could have gotten many other actors to take these roles without forking out the money for them.

It is also a pretty funny movie. A lot of the humor comes from our major characters and the fact that they have been cooped up in a facility all of their lives and do not know how to function outside of the rules they have experienced in their short lifetimes. Why is this funny? Because there are many things about the outside world that they don’t get. They don’t know slang words that are used by outsiders, they don’t know about many of the modern inventions and they also do not know bodily contact other than fighting. Ewan and Scarlett do a great job of keeping that child-like sense of amazement at the smallest things. That was probably the thing that stuck out most positively to me about the plot.

Now, time to get on my soapbox.

Djimon Hounsou was so underused in this movie. He is one of those actors that is so versatile and as far as I know has never had a bad role or done a bad job in the roles he has taken. From Amistad to Gladiator and the more recent Constantine. He is an amazing actor that no one seems to know. How he is not a household name eludes me. The only thing I can figure is that it is a difficult name to say, so people would just rather not say it at all. The guy can play anything with flair and style. He is a great actor and this movie really did not use his acting capabilities to the extent that it could have. I really wanted more about his character and more screentime for him, but instead he was used as a background character to, once again, push the story onward. Okay, so off of that.

The movie was okay. If there had been another writer, it could have been amazing. The box office numbers don’t lie on this one. On its opening weekend it came in at number four. That shows that there just wasn’t enough word of mouth to get this one to shoot up. I would say that the people who wanted to see it saw it on the first day and then were somewhat let down and as a result let other people know not to expect too much out of it. If you want a mindless, and fun film, then I would say to go see this one, but if you want something deeper, then this is not the movie for you. So I give The Island a 6 out of 10.

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DVDs for less than $10


Bookmark this page as it always has the current DVDs selling for less than $10. There’s usually some good picks on here. If you order more than 25 dollars worth at a time, then you get free shipping.

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Windows Vista Screenshots


Link: Windows Vista Virtual Pressroom.
So in case you didn’t know, the beta has been released for the new operating system that will take the place of Windows XP called Windows Vista. I am a geek, so of course, I thought that this looked promising and thought that you might like it. There are screnshots and a fact sheet about the new beta. If you are interested, there is the link above.

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Crazy eBay Mom


Link: Ebay site.
You know, I hear about people who do stuff like this, but it blows my mind anyway. This woman went crazy buying stuff online through eBay. Just check it out. I think you’ll understand what i’m talking about. There are pictures of thier house. Unreal.

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10 minutes of Sky High


Link: – Trailer – Sky High.
So I couldn’t go all day without posting something. I found this a little while ago and watched it. They have posted about 10 minutes of Sky High online. There really isn’t much that hasn’t been in the trailers. It is simply pieced together. It looks like a fun movie. For the kids, but the adults will have fun with it as well. Plus you have Bruce Campbell, Lynda Carter, and "Farva" from Super Troopers on the school staff. It should be good.

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