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School Projects are fun with Google Adsense

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Okay, so normally I wouldn’t put something like this up, but I just had to share this with you all. In case you don’t know how Google AdSense works, it looks at what text is on a page and cross-references that with a database of ads and uses the most relevant ads to put on a page. So if you are on a page that talks about fight club, then you are going to see ads that say where you can buy fight club. Makes sense right? Well, their email program, Gmail, does the same thing. It looks at your text in the emails and gives you ads that pertain to that subject. I normally don’t even notice it because it is very unobtrusive and you don’t really think about it. But there are those times that it just doesn’t quite line up right.

So as you know, I am in school taking online classes. Well, we have to do group projects in many of these classes. Bad idea, but I have to do it anyways. And the thing is that it is hard enough to communicate in a classroom, much less online when you don’t actually see the other people. Well, we are having some difficulties with communication in our class. And as such, one of my group members has sent an email to one of my other group members and the Google ads are really funny in the email that I got. So I just had to share. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.


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A lesson in Wireless etiquette

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Okay, let me give you a quick lesson in wireless internet etiquette. I am a big proponent of leaving my wireless connection open for anyone to use if they want to surf the net in the area. I really have no problem with it. It isn’t a big deal for me. I have all of this bandwidth and will not use all of it, so I like to share it.
But if you are going to leech off of me, then at least don’t consume all of my bandwidth. Here is the deal, I have left my wireless open for probably a year and a half now, maybe more. And I have never had a problem out of anyone getting online and consuming bandwidth. That is, until now. I am having to turn on encryption now because someone is using torrents or something to kill my bandwidth. So for those of you who run wireless, keep it open until someone does something like this to you. Then, by all means, turn on the WPA key. I hate to do it, but I am the one paying for it, and as such, I should be the one working the bandwidth. It is quite frustrating. And for those of you who use other peoples’ wireless, surf the net, don’t download lots of stuff. Just my thoughts on the subject, and thank you to the joker who is now locked out from my portion of the internet because he got greedy. Enjoy the lack of internet now buddy.

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Down with the Sickness

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I hate being sick. I mean, nothing makes me madder because there is nothing I can do. I am completely helpless. And it compounds by the fact that I will just kind of stave it off for a few weeks by just fighting the sniffles, then it will hit me like a ton of bricks. Yesterday I got up and my head was swimming, but I went to work anyways. So I went and felt like junk all day. Then last night I went to the Nichole Nordeman concert that I was not going to miss for anything. Then I wake up this morning and feel terrible. It isn’t like, a gross sick, it is just a head cold that won’t go away, and won’t let me breathe. Makes me angry. It makes me think of Monica on Friends when she is sick and she tries to convice Chandler that she is okay. I am thinking I am doing the same thing. I feel like I would be like, cue the nose stopped up voice, and  "Hewo, wadies, wat’s happening". But it also makes me mad because there is a lot of school work that I am having to do this weekend because I am finishing up one of my classes. And I can not stay focused because of this stupid cold. I am fighting like crazy to stay tuned in to the homework, but it isn’t happening. One assignment that should have only taken me about an hour to do, took closer to 3. Again, anger abounds. So hopefully I can get this stuff knocked out today by drinking water like a madman, and taking an obscene amount of vitamins. So if you see me looking a little less than model status, you will know why.

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Singles Awareness Day

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Yes, that’s right. Tomorrow is Singles Awareness Day. The day when there is no doubt as to who is attached to a significant other, and who is making it on their own. The people that come in on the 15th and say, "Man, did you see … last night, that was so cool". Those people are in the latter, rather than the former. I am not a big fan of the holiday, because it is simply a money-making scheme put together to make you feel like a heel if you don’t spend a certain amount of money on your other half. I have lucked out though, in the fact that in the few relationships and dates that I have had in the past, I have not had to deal with holidays or the other holiday that is planned on Singles Awareness Day since I was in middle school. So I think I have played that card quite well. So, for those of you who are celebrating that "other" holiday, here are a couple of links that you will enjoy.

Some Star Wars valentines for that special person in your life. One of my favorites is the last one in the set " I am fluent in over six million forms of communication, If only I could speak the language of your heart". Come on, tell me that isn’t classic.

Then CNET put up a few items to get for that special techie valentine that are pretty neat.

And last, but not least are a few movie trailers that are spoofs of real movies. I mean, hilarity can not be avoided with these things. There is Brokeback to the Future, and Brokeback Top Gun. As near and dear to my heart as the original movies are, these are great.

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2 Weeks

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Oh my goodness. Has it really been that long since I last posted? Wowzers. That is crazy. I really can’t believe it. I guess that happens when school takes over your life. I get going doing these stupid group projects, which I have to do with an online group that is extremely difficult, and then by the time I get them done for the week, I have to start on the next week’s project. It is just a vicious cycle. And when you work full-time to compliment the full-time school, it leaves you very little time to relax. So, let’s see now, what has changed since last time I posted?
Well, my buddy Mark, who moved to North Carolina a few years back, is moving back to Knoxville soon since he found a job at a church in the area. My buddy Brandon moved to Memphis to work full-time at Young Life. My dad’s church tried to vote out their pastor and it got voted down so 6 out of the 9 deacons have already resigned their positions at the church. H2O is working really well, and we are seeing some growth and community take form. My buddy Glenn is no longer teaching at the Christian School that he loved teaching at. And it snowed last night so it looked great this morning all over the ground.

So, that is really about the only big news. Nothing really new has happened for me personally though. I am just dying to get done with school so I can move on to that next step in life, whatever that step may be. Whether that is a new job, or a new relationship, or a new position or whatever. I am just ready to move on from where I am now. I am hoping to put up a few posts in the next couple of days about a few newsworthy things that are going on in the tech world and entertainment world, but if they don’t happen, you’ll know why.

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