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Peter Jackson NOT directing the Hobbit

Bana, Bacon, and Hurt in Golden Compass

Rainn Wilson of The Office to play ninjas with Jason Reitman

Eva Green Spills Deets on Golden Compass and Bond 22

Anne Hathaway Gets Smart

Battlestar Galactica moving to Sundays starting January 21

Raimi rumored for The Hobbit

All of the James Bond title sequences in one place

Full Harry Potter Teaser now online

Wild Hogs Draggin’ A Trailer

New Spiderman 3 Clips online

And then there are a couple of good clips that i am unable to embed, so check them out as well.

History of Pop Music in 4 Chords

Reporter gives the big shoulder to drunk girl 

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Tech and Lifehacks

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Add snap previews to any site for free

RC Sumo Wrestler dishonors your ancestors

Can’t get the Wii, Watch someone else play it for a week

Simple Wii controller chart – What games can be played with what controller

Wii Tips ‘N Tricks

Wize Product Review aggregator

How to make a photo aquarium

Download of the Day: Pando 1.2 Beta

The Flexible Spending Account Calculator

Learn to write the world’s greatest headlines

Download of the Day: Portable Apps Suite 1.0

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Coming Out this Week – November 22


I don’t have much to say about this. There isn’t a huge amount of stuff coming out. Well, there is, but nothing I am jumping up and down to see. Go see Casino Royale or Prestige or Borat instead. Much better movies exist than those coming out this week.

Deck the HallsA family comedy about one-upsmanship, jealousy, clashing neighbors, home decoration…and the true spirit of the holidays. Steve (Matthew Broderick), a suburban dad and Christmas enthusiast, leads a well-ordered, well-planned, and well-organized life. His new neighbor, Danny (Danny DeVito), is Steve’s polar opposite: a big personality with big dreams, which have yet to materialize. But Danny’s latest dream – to create the biggest holiday light display in the world, visible from outer space – is turning Steve’s disciplined world into a chaotic nightmare. As Danny’s home explodes with festive lights of incredible design, increasing complexity, and exponentially-growing wattage, Steve becomes a man on a mission. At any cost, he will thwart Danny – or top him.
Deja VuEveryone has experienced the unsettling mystery of déjà vu – that flash of memory when you meet someone new you feel you’ve known all your life or recognize a place even though you’ve never been there before. But what if the feelings were actually warnings sent from the past or clues to the future? In the captivating new action-thriller from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott, written by Terry Rossio & Bill Marsilii, it is déjà vu that unexpectedly guides ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) through an investigation into a shattering crime. Called in to recover evidence after a bomb sets off a cataclysmic explosion on a New Orleans Ferry, Carlin is about to discover that what most people believe is only in their heads is actually something far more powerful – and will lead him on a mind-bending race to save hundreds of innocent people.
The Fountain“The Fountain” is an odyssey about one man’s thousand-year struggle to save the woman he loves. His epic journey begins in 16th century Spain, where conquistador Tomas Creo (Hugh Jackman) commences his search for the Tree of Life, the legendary entity believed to grant eternal life to those who drink of its sap. As modern-day scientist Tommy Creo, he desperately struggles to find a cure for the cancer that is killing his beloved wife Isabel (Rachel Weisz). Traveling through deep space as a 26th century astronaut, Tom begins to grasp the mysteries of life that have consumed him for more than a century.
Tenacious D in the Pick of DestinyComedians/musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass bring their infamous rock duo Tenacious D to the big screen in the comedy “Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny.” The film tells the story of how “The D” became the self-proclaimed greatest band on earth and is being directed by Liam Lynch.

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I GOT A WII!!!!!!!

Current Affairs, Web/Tech

I got up at 6:30 this morning and stood in line for an hour and a half waiting for the Wii and I got one. The local KMart only had 4 and I was number 2. I would have gotten more controllers, but that wasn’t an option since they didn’t have but a couple. I may check a couple of other local stores though to see what they have and see if I can procure a some controllers so I can play with some people. I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Red Steel. I am so excited, you have no idea and it is killing me to sit here and write this, but I am doing it to keep everyone updated. I’ll let you know how it is.

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Lifehacks and Tech Posts

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Setup and host your blog on your home computer

Download: Adobe Digital Editions Beta

Get free software everyday

Geek to Live: A Meaty Thanksgiving Download
10 Best WordPress Plugins

Convert your video files to a Wii-Compatible format

Amazon to sell XBOX 360 for $100

Google Local adds click to call

My Voice Remote gives your fingers a break

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Entertainment News, Trailers, and Video Clips

Movies, Videos

Fanboys Trailer

The Official Simpsons Movie Trailer

The Painted Veil Trailer

Every Bond Movie Trailer on one page
Fred Clause Trailer hits

The New Rocky Trailer

Three Needles Trailer

Zodiac Trailer

New Harry Potter Teaser

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Coming out this Week – November 17


Alright, so let’s talk about this week’s releases. We have a few big movies, and then some smaller limited release movies that look really good. The reason why this is getting posted on Friday instead of Thursday night is because I was at a sneak peek of Casino Royale last night and loved it. I mean, really this is the Bond we have been waiting on. This film is a great action movie. It is what I wanted from Mission Impossible III. I am excited to see Happy Feet as well. It looks like a cute movie. Let’s Go To Prison looks like it could be really good, but it could also be really bad, so I will reserve judgment on that one. Then we have a couple of limited release flicks that look cool. Fast Food Nation is based off of the best selling novel about the fast food industry. And For Your Consideration is a comedy about the academy and their system of nominations. Fun stuff, right? My pick of the week is Casino Royale obviously. Go check it out if you want to see a good action flick.
Casino RoyaleDaniel Craig stars as “007″ James Bond, the smoothest, sexiest, most lethal agent on Her Majesty’s Secret Service in “Casino Royale.” Based on the first Bond book written by Ian Fleming, the story, which has never been told on film until now, recounts the making of the world’s greatest secret agent.

James Bond’s first “007″ mission leads him to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the world’s terrorists. In order to stop him, and bring down the terrorist network, Bond must beat Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale. Bond is initially annoyed when a beautiful British Treasury official, Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), is assigned to deliver his stake for the game and watch over the government’s money. But, as Bond and Vesper survive a series of lethal attacks by Le Chiffre and his henchmen, a mutual attraction develops leading them both into further danger and events that will shape Bond’s life forever.
Happy FeetIn the great nation of Emperor Penguins, deep in Antarctica, you’re nobody unless you can sing—which is unfortunate for Mumble (Elijah Wood), who is the worst singer in the world. He is born dancing to his own tune… tap dancing.

Though Mumble’s mom, Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman), thinks this little habit is cute, his dad, Memphis (Hugh Jackman), says it “just ain’t penguin.” Besides, they both know that, without a Heartsong, Mumble may never find true love.

As fate would have it, his one friend, Gloria (Brittany Murphy), happens to be the best singer around. Mumble and Gloria have a connection from the moment they hatch, but she struggles with his strange “hippity- hoppity” ways.

Mumble is just too different—especially for Noah the Elder (Hugo Weaving), the stern leader of Emperor Land, who ultimately casts him out of the community.

Away from home for the first time, Mumble meets a posse of decidedly un-Emperor-like penguins—the Adelie Amigos. Led by Ramon (Robin Williams), the Adelies instantly embrace Mumble’s cool dance moves and invite him to party with them.

In Adelie Land, Mumble seeks the counsel of Lovelace the Guru (also voiced by Robin Williams), a crazy-feathered Rockhopper penguin who will answer any of life’s questions for the price of a pebble.

Together with Lovelace and the Amigos, Mumble sets out across vast landscapes and, after some epic encounters, proves that by being true to yourself, you can make all the difference in the world.
Let’s Go to PrisonFelon John Lyshitski (Shepard) has figured out the best way to get revenge on the now-dead judge who sent him to jail: watch the official’s obnoxious son, Nelson Biederman IV (Arnett), survive the clink.

John strikes gold when Nelson is wrongly convicted of a crime and sent to the pen he used to call home. He gleefully gets sent back to become Nelson’s cellmate and to ensure that his new buddy gets the “full treatment.” Let the games begin.

Lesson #1: the joint’s a scary place, so you better make friends fast. Right away, Nelson offends the wrong cons and is sold–by John–to Barry (McBride) for prison snuggling. But just as revenge starts tasting sweet, Nelson becomes Big Man in the Big House and turns the tables on John…changing the rules of his insane game.

It’s time to shower with thugs, sip toilet wine and sharpen a shiv as the locked-up are set up in “Let’s Go To Prison,” an uncompromising, no-holds-barred comedy directed by Bob Odenkirk (“Mr. Show”) and produced by Carsey-Werner Films and Strike Entertainment.
Fast Food Nation (limited release)Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear)-a marketing executive at Mickey’s Fast Food Restaurant chain, home of “The Big One”-has a problem. Contaminated meat is getting into the frozen patties of the company’s best-selling burger. To find out why, he’ll have to take a journey to the dark side of the All-American meal.Leaving the cushy confines of the company’s Southern California boardroom for the immigrant-staffed slaughterhouses, teeming feedlots and cookie cutter strip malls of Middle America, what Don discovers is a “Fast Food Nation” of consumers who haven’t realized it is they who are being consumed by an industry with a seemingly endless appetite for fresh meat.

When it was published in 2001, “Fast Food Nation” quickly became a New York Times bestseller, with its no-holds-barred, non-fiction exploration of “the dark side of the All-American meal.” The big screen version “Fast Food Nation” is a dramatic feature penned by “Fast Food Nation” author Eric Schlosser and Oscar® nominee Richard Linklater, who also serves as director. Explains Linklater: “The movie is not a documentary, but a character study of the lives behind the facts and figures. I’m more interested in fiction than non-fiction. You get to the point through human storytelling.”
For Your Consideration (limited release)Christopher Guest turns the camera on Hollywood for his next film, “For Your Consideration.” The film focuses on the making of an independent movie and its cast who become victims of the dreaded awards buzz. Like Guest’s previous films, “Waiting For Guffman,” “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind,” this latest project will feature performances from his regular ensemble, including co-writer Eugene Levy.

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Lifehack and Tech Posts

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Tech stuff first because there are quite a few Lifehacks this week that I really liked.

Checking out Weebly’s AJAX site creator

Finding a Wii where there is none – maps and store stock numbers

YouTube poised to invade your V Cast phone, MCE PC

Free TV over the Web

And now for some productivity lifehacks

Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent

8 Kiler Windows Media Center plugins

Download of the Day: Backup to Email for Windows

Geek to Live: Incorporate Text files onto your desktop

How to pick a lock

Gmail Integrates Google Spreadsheets

 Make the most of your movie theater experience

Embed any image into a Google Map

Download of the Day: Bluescreen of Death Screensaver

Update your blog from anywhere via email

Geek to Live: Essential Tools for the placeless office

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Entertainment News, Video Clips and Movie Trailers

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You will notice a lack of comic book movie news on my personal blog because I plan on doing the posting on my main site at . So don’t be too hearbroken. But it does open up room for other things. The big question, is what?

Re-casting Captain Kirk – Shatner Speaks Truth

Borat Soundboard “IS NICE!” – Don’t go here if you are easily offended, there is a bit of language.

Sunday night, the Simpsons Trailer will air

The Return of Elvis, JFK, & Bubba Ho-Tep?

And now for a few trailers

Meet the Robinsons have a new trailer

The first 6 minutes of Tenacious D online

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Teaser

Come Early Morning trailer

And some videos because I know how much everyone loves the videos.

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Coming out this week – November 10


There are quite a few flicks coming out this week. Babel gets a wide release, and the rest are new movies.  It is going to be a rough weekend to figure out what will win out. Borat comes out to double the amount of theaters, Stranger Than Fiction comes out as well. So the question is, who will win the box office? I just got back from seeing Stranger Than Fiction and can give it a ringing endorsement. If you haven’t seen Borat yet, then you should see it, otherwise, I have to say go see Stranger Than Fiction.
Babel - Armed with a Winchester rifle, two Morrocan boys set out to look after their family’s herd of goats. In the silent echoes of the desert, they decide to test the rifle… but the bullet goes farther than they thought it would.

In an instant, the lives of four separate groups of strangers on three different continents collide. Caught up in the rising tide of an accident that escalates beyond anyone’s control are a vacationing American couple (Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett), a rebellious deaf Japanese teenager and her father, and a Mexican nanny who, without permission, takes two American children across the border. None of these strangers will ever meet; in spite of the sudden, unlikely connection between them, they will all remain isolated due to their own inability to communicate meaningfully with anyone around them.

From Alejandro González Iñárritu comes a film that is at once intimate and epic, shot in four countries, cast with actors and non-actors, and concludes his trilogy that started with “Amores Perros” and “21 Grams.”
A Good YearOscar-winner Russell Crowe reunites with “Gladiator” director Ridley Scott in “A Good Year.” London-based investment expert Max Skinner (Crowe) moves to Provence to sell a small vineyard he has inherited from his late uncle. As Max reluctantly settles into what ultimately becomes an intoxicating new chapter in his life, he encounters a beautiful California woman who also lays claim to the property.
Harsh TimesFrom the creator of “Training Day” comes “Harsh Times,” a gritty look at friendship, loyalty and ambition set on the extremely rough streets of south central Los Angeles.

Jim Davis (Christian Bale) is an ex-Army Ranger recently discharged from the military, yet still haunted by nightmares of his former occupation. While seeking a position with the LAPD that will allow him to marry his Mexican girlfriend and bring her to the United States, Jim kills time chilling with his best friend, Mike (Freddy Rodriguez).

Mike is feeling the heat from his longtime girlfriend, Sylvia (Eva Longoria): either get a job or get out. But the love of a beautiful woman can’t compare to the bonds of friendship, and Jim and Mike are soon cruising the streets of South Central, slipping back into a deceitful life of drugs, violence and petty crime, just like when they were kids.
The ReturnA new supernatural thriller starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (“The Grudge,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) as Joanna Mills, a tough young Midwesterner determined to learn the truth behind the increasingly terrifying supernatural visions that have been haunting her. Joanna has made a successful career for herself, as sales representative for a trucking company. But her private life has been difficult; estranged from her father (Sam Shepard), stalked by an obsessed ex-boyfriend (Adam Scott), and with few friends, Joanna fears that she is losing control. She sees and feels the brutal murder of a young woman she’s never met, at the hands of a heartless killer – a man who appears to be making Joanna his next target. Determined to fight back, Joanna is guided by her nightmares to the murdered woman’s hometown. Once there, she will discover that some secrets can’t be buried; some spirits never die; and that the murder she is trying to solve may be her own.
Stranger Than FictionColumbia Pictures and Mandate Pictures’ “Stranger Than Fiction” is an inventive comedy about a novelist (Emma Thompson) struggling to complete her latest, and potentially finest, book — she only has to find a way to kill off her main character, Harold Crick, and she’ll be done. Little does she know that Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) is inexplicably alive and well in the real world and suddenly aware of her words. Fiction and reality collide when the bewildered and hilariously resistant Harold hears what she has in mind and realizes he must find a way to change her (and his) ending.

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