Get Angry Birds Rio for Free on AT&T Droids


Angry Birds Rio

So, today Angry Birds Rio came out.

Not only did it just come to the market, but it also came to Amazon’s new App store FOR FREE for the Android as well. Unfortunately for those of us on the AT&T side of things, this means that we can’t install it as the file comes from an unknown source.  This means it doesn’t come directly from the android market and AT&T decided to turn this option off by default on all of their android devices. So you have to find a workaround. Luckily there is just such a workaround.

You can go to this page and scan the QR code or have them send you an email/text with the link to the app store for download.

When you download, it will go into the downloads folder on your internal memory.

That’s the easy part, now comes the part that adds a little more complexity.

First, turn Debugging on in your settings. Settings–> Applications–> Development –>USB Debugging. Next, you need to use your USB cable to connect to your computer so that it shows up as a drive on your computer and go to your downloads folder to find the amazon-appstore-release.apk file. Next, transfer that file to your computer.

Now, download the sideload wonder machine following the steps documented here and install the amazon apk file.

Next, sign in to your amazon account and try to download the Angry Birds Rio file.  It will download, but when you try to install, it will fail.

So, we’ll sideload this application as well. It can be found on internalstore/android/data/ as a random apk file. Mine was called vnz56419.apk.

You’ll go through the same steps that you used above to install the amazon app store.

After that, just unplug your phone and start playing Angry Birds Rio, which looks great and I especially like the jungle level with the monkeys.

This isn’t just for Angry Birds, but any app that comes from the Amazon Marketplace that you want to install.

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