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Ron Paul
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gage Skidmore I am not one to typically talk politics, but this latest GOP field has me more on the edge of my seat than any other political contest to date. Maybe it is because I am getting older and find it more interesting. Maybe it is because I see that the only way things can change is by putting someone different in the white house. Or maybe it is because there is someone running that I can truly stand behind and not consider “the lesser of two evils”.

In the 2008 election, I watched things every now and then, and saw this person in the Democratic party start emerging, he was eloquent, very well spoken, and had me snowed. Then I actually looked at the issues and found that he was completely contrary to my beliefs, so he wasn’t going to get my vote.  Whereas on the Republican side, I think most people knew McCain was going to get the GOP nomination, and I was hopeful that he would, even though he was probably the worst candidate the Republican party could have gone with, win in the Presidential race. So I voted for McCain in the presidential election. He wasn’t the ideal candidate, but he was better than the alternative.

Obviously Barrack Obama, the Democratic candidate, won the election, and we are deeper in debt than ever. More people are out of work than ever before. And the personal control he has over the governmental system and is continuing to gather is getting more and more scary.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way, and the GOP candidates know this as well. This is the reason why these are the issues that are brought up at every debate and in every ad.

As I said before, I am not a political person, and I am sure that each candidate on the republican side will fare better than our current president, but I do definitely have a preference. Ron Paul.

When you look at the field of nominees, they are fairly similar on most things. They are politicians who don’t keep their word and say what the world wants to hear, whether it is their own beliefs or not. But that’s not what I want in a president. I want a president who will stand up for what he believes in no matter what obstacles he sees, and who has always been consistent. I want someone who is a lot smarter than I am, who can make informed decisions that will benefit our country at the right times, instead of worrying about that next election.  I want someone who will make cuts to our bloated government, and give business owners the opportunity to capitalize on this by growing jobs and helping our economy. And above all, I want someone with Christian ethics and values that values life and my choice to worship Jesus Christ.

When I look at the field, I see bits and pieces of each of these traits in the different GOP candidates, but I only see all of them in one candidate. Gingrich is a brilliant man. He is extremely smart, seems to have a memory like a steel trap, and values human life, as long as it doesn’t mean bringing our troops home, and he may be the most similar in my beliefs as far as religion goes. Romney seems to be a very shrewd business man, and would probably be good at helping with some of the economic issues we have by giving more control to business owners, especially since he is probably invested in many of them already. And Santorum seems like a typical politician who has changed his opinion a million times depending on what is popular at the time and might give him extra votes.

But the one person who embodies all of my wants; consistent, intelligent, frugal, Christian, and a value for life, is Ron Paul.

He was an obstetrician, so he obviously cares for human life and has been in a field that knows how the process works, and knows that there is nothing more valuable and innocent than a child. And because of this, he wants everyone to know where he stands, and I definitely stand with him. Not only was he an obstetrician, but he was also a flight surgeon in the Air Force and Air National guard. So obviously he knows a little about the military and what is best there. He wants to bring the troops home. We are so worried about what other countries are doing, we don’t worry about how it affects families at home, or think about what would happen if we actually were to get attacked here in the states. How would we defend ourselves when the majority of our military is spread out all over the country trying to make decisions for groups that they don’t know from Adam? The amount of lives we have lost by doing this “nation building” has been far beyond what anyone twenty years ago could have imagined.  Not to mention all of the money that we are spending on these trips overseas for all of our military personnel.

He is also the only candidate who has a solid record of voting consistently on all of the issues, not just certain ones. If you look at his voting record, he is consistently saying no to all of the spending that the rest of Capitol Hill so easily says yes to because there is extra money in their pockets for each yes vote. When you look at his economic plan versus the rest of the candidates, he is by far the most fearless. He knows that changes need to be made in order to save this country from economic meltdown, and he knows that those changes are not going to be small, unlike the other candidates who make trivial changes that won’t impact the overall economic health of the country.  He has put forth a plan that would cut $1 trillion in just the first year, compared to the other candidates who talk about a couple hundred billion over their entire term!

And Ron Paul is a Christian, which is the most significant trait in a leader. This means he would look to God for guidance, instead of thinking that he is above the law and think that he can make all of the decisions on his own. And this is where all of the above traits come from. He values human life because God created it. He tries to be frugal, because God calls him to it as a servant. And he is consistent, just as God expects us to be. I am definitely not saying that Ron Paul is perfect, no person is, especially, it seems, in politics. Such as his stance on drugs which I don’t agree with, but I understand where he’s coming from, so it makes sense.  But Ron Paul is probably the country’s best hope for a turn around. By turning to a Christian man who is intelligent, consistent, and God fearing, we could make this country more similar to its foundational roots than it has been in at least a century.

I think the major hurdle for Ron Paul is that he doesn’t get the coverage that the other candidates do. He gets a tenth of the coverage that the front runners, Gingrich and Romney, seem to get in each show. If his name is mentioned, it is a win, if he gets an entire segment, it is a miracle. The mainstream media doesn’t give him the coverage because they don’t want him in office. Why they don’t want him in office is because change is possible under him, where they know that it is much less likely with the other candidates.  I believe that he has the best chance of winning the presidential race as well. I have more than a few friends who are die-hard democratic voters who have said more than once that if Ron Paul won the nomination, then they would vote for him as well. They all have different reasons, but they all feel that he would be the best person for the job. This is a testament to how people actually feel about Ron Paul, instead of what the polls and media keep feeding us day to day.

I doubt he has the ability to get the nomination, because people tend to get their information from the media instead of doing the research themselves. This is like being spoonfed dirt, when there is a feast in front of you that you simply have to dig your hands into. I am sure that very few people will read this post, and if they do, they may not like what I have to say. But I feel it is my job to inform people of the differences, especially for those who haven’t done the research and kept up with things as much as I have.


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