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No Videos

Current Affairs

What? I didn’t put up videos? I know, I know, I completely forgot. It has been a crazy weekend, so I forgot about it. Sarah and I are looking for houses right now and may have found one, so we are trying to figure that out. But I am thinking either this evening or tomorrow I will have the time to put the videos up for you all to enjoy.

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Vacation Pictures

Current Affairs, Travel

I have some vacation pictures up on my Flickr page for you all to check out. And we are going to have some more added as soon as I get the memory card from Sarah. But here are the ones that I had on my card that you all can check out. I am not too bad of a photographer if I do say so myself.

My Flickr Page


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And I’m Back

Current Affairs

Well, I just got back from a cruise to the Caribbean and it was awesome. I really loved it. I will make sure and put up a little taste of some of the scenery for folks. It was really a good time and I swear, I ate my weight in high quality food. But for now, I have to go talk to Dad and Rita and tell them about the trip, read my news that I have missed over the past week and then head to bed, because we have been on the road for the past 13 hours. I am freakin worn out too. :) But overall, a fantastic trip.

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Not so mad anymore

Current Affairs

Oh yeah, by the way. I got my laptop. The driver left my laptop on the back porch and signed my name. I would be completely okay with that normally, but I had no clue where my laptop was. So that made things more than a little difficult. But at any rate, I am loving the new computer. It is slick and quick, and something else that rhymes with those two words. I don’t know. Well, need to post some tech stuff over at constantlythinking.com.

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Current Affairs

Alright, so I was expecting a new laptop today and I get an email saying it has been delivered. So I am excited and ready to get things setup on the new laptop. So then I get home and find out that there is no laptop here. I look at all the doors and it is nowhere to be found. I look online at their tracking stuff and there is a signature with MY NAME on it and it isn’t my signature. So someone just apparently got a new laptop for free. I don’t know how they do the whole lost or stolen item thing with Fedex, but I had better get compensated if they don’t find it. I had things planned out in my mind about working on loading up some stuff tonight and working on it some tomorrow and have it setup the way I want by Saturday for the podcast. But apparently that isn’t going to happen because some tool took something that isn’t theirs. I don’t normally get too worked up about this stuff, but this genuinely makes me upset. I mean, why would they just let anyone sign that? I could understand if someone is inside the house letting them sign for it. I mean that is the address. But if some random person comes walking up off the street and say, “yeah, that’s me”, they how do you know it is them? Don’t you check ID or something? I mean, couldn’t they look at past signatures at this address and maybe setup a verification system to see if it is the same signature? It is just ridiculous. Fedex is losing credibility quickly in my mind over this. I am sure that the other shipping services are the same way, but it is just stupid. And what if it is the driver who has it? Who is to say that the driver didn’t sign for it himself and is reading this on his new laptop?
So frustrating. Well, there goes my good mood I guess.

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Site Segregation

Current Affairs, Film, Movies, Podcasts, Television, Web/Tech, Weblogs

So I have been telling people about my Random Thoughts for quite awhile. And I still will. But I am trying to segregate my different interests into specialty sites. So here is the rundown on what is going to be going on.

Feature Conversations – On Feature Conversations, we talk about  movie and entertainment news as a podcast, but we will also be adding news articles onto there as well from time to time. So if you are looking for entertainment news, that is where you will need to go. You can also go to http://www.comicbookmedia.com/conversations to get to the site.
Constantly Thinking -  Constantly Thinking is a website owned by my friend Brandon and is about technology and computer related stuff. So if you are interested in the technical aspect of life, then we will both be writing quite a bit of stuff over there.

Comic Book Media – Comic Book Media is a site that is going to be about just that. It is about movies and tv and video games and such as they relate to comic books. So if you like the geek side of media, then Comic Book Media should be a good time.

So that should cover everything. And anything else that is out there that doesn’t fall into a category like the internet videos and stuff will still be on here. And of course my own personal matters will be on here. Kind of like this post. So go check out all of the stuff I am involved in and see what is going on in the world. Hopefully you can keep up with me.

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I GOT A WII!!!!!!!

Current Affairs, Web/Tech

I got up at 6:30 this morning and stood in line for an hour and a half waiting for the Wii and I got one. The local KMart only had 4 and I was number 2. I would have gotten more controllers, but that wasn’t an option since they didn’t have but a couple. I may check a couple of other local stores though to see what they have and see if I can procure a some controllers so I can play with some people. I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Red Steel. I am so excited, you have no idea and it is killing me to sit here and write this, but I am doing it to keep everyone updated. I’ll let you know how it is.

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My 2006 Update

Current Affairs

I sent this out to some of you earlier, but I thought I would go ahead and put it up here as well for those of you who I don’t have the email addresses for. This is my major update about what is going on in my life at this time.

Hey all, it has been awhile since I sent one of these out, but I
thought it was about time. I haven’t given an update in a long while
about what is going on with me and how my life has changed since the
last time you heard from me.

Quite a bit has changed in the last year or so. As of the
last time I sent out my update email, I was single, working at Personal
Computer Systems, and still driving the Exploder. Well, all of those
things have changed.

I have been dating a really sweet girl for the last 6 months
and things are going along great. We have a good time together and she
seems to get along with those of you who have met her. Her name is
Sarah and I went to High School with her, even though she is a few
years younger than me. She is in the AR department out at Denso so she
definitely has her hands full playing referee to the company’s many

I am no longer at Personal Computer Systems. I had been there
for almost 3 years and some things were changing that I didn’t care for
and the job just wasn’t going where I wanted it to go, so I had to
leave. I just started a new job at Information International Associates
as IT Support out there. I am doing System Administrator tasks, as well
as working on research and development projects for government
contracts. So don’t mess with me or I’ll have to go CIA on you. :) It
is a bit overwhelming, but I really feel that I am going to love it.

finally got rid of the Ford Explorer that I have been driving for the
last 7 years. It had to be retired in favor of a younger, newer model.
I got a new White Mitsubishi Galant that I am loving. But I have
noticed that it seems like everything gravitates toward the car. In the
Explorer I never had a problem with anything ever hitting it or ever
doing anything out of the ordinary that could damage the car. But with
this one, I have had multiple instances in the past month that have
made my heart stop because of the closeness of something messing up my
car. I don’t know, it may be that I just didn’t care if something hit
the old car and that is why I am noticing that stuff is closer to
hitting the new car.

I am leading worship on Thursday nights at First Baptist
Church of Maryville. We have been doing this since last August and it
is going pretty well. Although we haven’t really reached the audience
that we planned on marketing toward. The service is a
Post-Modern/Contemporary service that meets in the family life center
and is in some ways a departure from the standard service, while
keeping the familarity of church for those who are used to the standard
service. But like I said, we haven’t hit the audience we are going for
as of yet. We are trying to reach the Maryville College kids and have
had a few nibbles, but no one has really dove into the service yet in
the way that we wanted. We are still growing and learning as a group on
how to plan a service that doesn’t follow the conventions of a regular
service. If you are interested in coming, you can head over on Thursday
nights at 7:30 to the service and check us out. We have a good time and
there are some familiar faces there that you will know besides me. If
you want to check out the site for the service, just head over to myspace.com/maryvilleh2o .

also am doing a podcast with one of my buddies that is about movies and
entertainment. So if you want to check that out, you can head over to Featureconversations.com
and download an episode. A podcast is just an audio program, kind of
like talk radio that is about a certain subject or group of subjects.
So if you want to burn it to CD or put it on your MP3 player, go right
ahead. And I would love to hear your feedback on the subjects we talk

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Episode 3

Current Affairs, Movies, Podcasts, Weblogs

Feature Conversations Episode 3 is up and ready to be downloaded by the masses. Don’t hurt yourselves trying to grab it. You can get it at www.featureconversations.com .

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Podcast Number 1

Current Affairs, Movies, Weblogs

Alright, I told you I was thinking about doing a podcast. And it has finally happened. Kevin and I sat down last night and did episode 1 of Feature Conversations. It went well, so we posted it last night as well. You can go to Featureconversations.com and download it. It is about a half an hour long and we just talk about movies and movie stuff. It was fun to do, and we are gonna try to make it a weekly thing. Let me know what you think either here or over there.

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