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Vacation Pictures

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I have some vacation pictures up on my Flickr page for you all to check out. And we are going to have some more added as soon as I get the memory card from Sarah. But here are the ones that I had on my card that you all can check out. I am not too bad of a photographer if I do say so myself.

My Flickr Page


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Wales Island fort for sale at ?150,000


Link: BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Island fort for sale at ?150,000.

I have always thought that the times when knights and honor took precidence over the trivialities of today’s society was a time I would love to have been in.

Well, in Wales, there is a fort that is selling for 150,000 pounds. How cool is that? It would be similar to having a castle, which would be my first choice. I mean, there would be so many things you could do with it. If I had the money and lived over there, I would love to set it up and modernize it. Can you imagine having your friends over to your fort for dinner? So cool. I want it.

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