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Regal to host Screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

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On Tuesday, June 24, Regal Entertainment Group will host the Tennessee Benefit Screening of New Line Cinema and Walden Media’s action adventure film Journey to the Center of the Earth at Regal Cinemas Pinnacle Stadium 18. Proceeds from this advance screening will benefit Variety – The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee. A limited number of tickets will be available to the public. Tickets for general admission to the event go on sale exclusively at Pinnacle Stadium 18 at 9:00AM on Friday, June 6 for $50 each. Regal to Host Red Carpet Benefit Screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

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Another Blog

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I know, I know. Another Blog is not what you want to read. But I promise it will make it all better for those of you who keep up with me. You know that I am writing for Comicbookmedia. Plus I am putting videos and personal stuff on this site right? Well, I also have Flickr photos that I put up, and a digg username that I use to mark items that I like. So if you wanted to keep up with me, what would you do? You would normally have to go to each site individually and see what was on each page, or have all of the feeds in your RSS reader to keep up. Well, I will do you one better. I have started a Tumblog that grabs all of my content from all of those sites and puts them into one feed so you can keep up with what I am doing at a constant basis. It grabs all of the stuff going on with all of my sites and puts them into one pretty feed. Plus it makes posting quick little snippets a lot better as well. So if you want to keep up with what I am doing all over the web, then go over to It is really cool and works really well. If you don’t like it, then you can always go back to the other way and see what is going on with each site individually.

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Video Clips and Lifehacks

Videos, Web/Tech, Weblogs

Create photo mosaics with Mosaickr and Flickr

Download of the Day: Ophrack Live CD

Download of the Day: Crossloop for remote control of desktops

Trade Old CD’s for New ones at SwapaCD

Seven New Year’s Resolutions for your PC

Find the Best FM Frequencies for your FM Transmitter

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Site Segregation

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So I have been telling people about my Random Thoughts for quite awhile. And I still will. But I am trying to segregate my different interests into specialty sites. So here is the rundown on what is going to be going on.

Feature Conversations – On Feature Conversations, we talk about  movie and entertainment news as a podcast, but we will also be adding news articles onto there as well from time to time. So if you are looking for entertainment news, that is where you will need to go. You can also go to to get to the site.
Constantly Thinking -  Constantly Thinking is a website owned by my friend Brandon and is about technology and computer related stuff. So if you are interested in the technical aspect of life, then we will both be writing quite a bit of stuff over there.

Comic Book Media – Comic Book Media is a site that is going to be about just that. It is about movies and tv and video games and such as they relate to comic books. So if you like the geek side of media, then Comic Book Media should be a good time.

So that should cover everything. And anything else that is out there that doesn’t fall into a category like the internet videos and stuff will still be on here. And of course my own personal matters will be on here. Kind of like this post. So go check out all of the stuff I am involved in and see what is going on in the world. Hopefully you can keep up with me.

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Entertainment news, trailers, clips, and lifehacks

Movies, Television, Videos, Weblogs

Geez that is a lot to put in one post, but considering it is such a slow week for these items, it works.

This is the newest funny thing from SNL, (yes, they have them from time to time), called *something* in a box. Don’t watch it please if you are easily offended, but it is hilarious and comes out of nowhere if you don’t know it’s coming.

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer


Download of the Day: 2007 Compact Calendar

50 reasons why it’s great to be a guy

Download of the Day: Driver Collector

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Lifehack Posts


Download of the Day: Dopisp

Add a dash of color to black-and-white photos

Download of the Day: Mediaportal

Top Lifehacker posts of the year

ISPs who block BitTorrent

Download of the Day: Flickr Wallpaper Rotator

Photo Tips for Christmas

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Word Shoot: Spell Fast or Die!

Web/Tech, Weblogs

Word Shoot: Spell Fast or Die!

This is a neat little game where you shoot the other tanks by spelling out their names. It tests your typing skills. I am up to 11,000, but I am not the fastest typer. It is cool stuff though. Try it out.

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Tech and Lifehack Posts

Web/Tech, Weblogs

Boy, have a lot of links this week. So, be ready to read. There are some really good articles in this mix. THe lifehacks are awesome this week too. Check them out.

IGN Guide for Early Wii ’07 Games

First Wii-related Injury report

Top 10 games for Wii in 2007

How to increase BittTorrent Speeds

2006 Tech Gift Guide

How to encode DIVX, MPG, and Avi files to play on the Wii

Wireless Wii sensor bar available

30 things that should be added to the Nintendo Wii Mii creator

Lego Self-Parking Car

Flickr’s Excellent Xmas Easter Egg

Configure your own action figure

Best Parents’ photo printer

How to transfer Miis to and from your PC

How to make a HD projector

List of flash games compatible with the Wii remote

WiiMote straps recalled

Stumbleupon adds stumblevideo

Wii price drop and different colors coming

Wii Transfer: Cheap, Easy

Got a wireless router, let’s hack it.

Hidden Wii Secrets

And the lifehacks

Find a deal with WiiSeeker

Video Editing 101

Convert PDF’s to MP3′s

Flickr Holiday easter egg

Create Custom Photos, Avatars, and Art

How to bypass the Windows Activation

Create online seating arrangements online with SimpleSeating

Review your year in Flickr Photos

The best apps of 2006

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Tech and Lifehack Posts

Web/Tech, Weblogs

 Reggie reveals date for Wii Online Gaming

Kevin Rose confirms iPhone

Wii sports secrets

Belkin’s cable-free USB Hub finally loosed

The Japanese Wii Safety manual is crazy

Wii – Automatic New VC Game Notifications

Gmail now open – no registration required

Wii: Elebits Hands-on

Gmail – Customizing the navigation menu

Pro Gaming comes to CBS

Build your own HD Projector

6 email accounts worth having, and why

Two Cool Things Wii Owners Can Do at

WildCharge Charges Your Gadgets Without Wires

Which Vista is right for you?

113 Professional Looking 10×10 Icons

Choose the best quality blank DVD’s

How to erase tourists from photos

Lower your credit card rate with a phone call

The top 30 free Windows software apps

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Tech and Lifehack Posts

Web/Tech, Weblogs

You’ll never guess what gadget is on my mind by looking at this list of tech stuff.

Tangathon - Think Woot, but not quite as cool of stuff.

Wii Inventory Tracker

Wal-Mart joins Digital Movie download fray

Stickis launches Annotated Web Browsing

How to build a profitable web site in 6 easy videos

Nintendo wants Goldeneye back

New Real Windows Vista media remote

The onion sttles PS3 vs. Wii debate

Play VC games on the Wii with the original controllers

Stuck trying to design your website?

DIY RC floor sweeper

Nintendo Hints of Huge Christmas surprise with future Wii updates

Wii Boxing How-To list

5 minute clip of wario ware: Smooth moves

A review of Wii Play

What Wii Want

Get your girl into video games in Seven Steps

DailyMotionVids lets you stream movies online for free – Check it out before its gone.

Generate your own warning label

Automatically save your change

Download of the day: Furnish

Download of the Day : AVI2DVD

Download of the Day: AnyVideoConverter

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