Green Day: American Idiot


Americanidiot Let me just start by saying that musically, this album is really good. Whereas lyrically, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I like Green Day. If ever there was a punk band that I enjoyed, it would be Green Day. Their catchy riffs and choruses make it hard not to sing to their music. But they haven’t done so well as of late. With punk not being the IN thing, there hasn’t been a big need for their music and many people had discredited their music after the early 90′s thinking that they could do nothing else musically. When "Time of Your Life" came out in ’97, some hoped that it was the returning of the Punk giants. Instead it was the resurgance of rock and roll ballads, followed by " I don’t wanna miss a thing" by Aerosmith, and Tonic’s "If you could only see". Not to say that those aren’t good songs, but they aren’t exactly what Green Day really wanted to start, I don’t think. This new album is a hit, and by their grammy nominations, I would say that they are being credited very well by the musical community. Once again though, the best song on the album is the ballad "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". But there are alot of times that you just want to get excited listening to the album. The old school riffs are there that make Green Day Green Day. If you don’t mind the use of the f-bomb, then give this album a listen. It is a good album that is alot of fun to listen to. Just not quite to the caliber of Dookie (the album not the other dookie).

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