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Not so mad anymore

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Oh yeah, by the way. I got my laptop. The driver left my laptop on the back porch and signed my name. I would be completely okay with that normally, but I had no clue where my laptop was. So that made things more than a little difficult. But at any rate, I am loving the new computer. It is slick and quick, and something else that rhymes with those two words. I don’t know. Well, need to post some tech stuff over at

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Video Clips for the week


I’ll start with the best clip of the year so far.

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Current Affairs

Alright, so I was expecting a new laptop today and I get an email saying it has been delivered. So I am excited and ready to get things setup on the new laptop. So then I get home and find out that there is no laptop here. I look at all the doors and it is nowhere to be found. I look online at their tracking stuff and there is a signature with MY NAME on it and it isn’t my signature. So someone just apparently got a new laptop for free. I don’t know how they do the whole lost or stolen item thing with Fedex, but I had better get compensated if they don’t find it. I had things planned out in my mind about working on loading up some stuff tonight and working on it some tomorrow and have it setup the way I want by Saturday for the podcast. But apparently that isn’t going to happen because some tool took something that isn’t theirs. I don’t normally get too worked up about this stuff, but this genuinely makes me upset. I mean, why would they just let anyone sign that? I could understand if someone is inside the house letting them sign for it. I mean that is the address. But if some random person comes walking up off the street and say, “yeah, that’s me”, they how do you know it is them? Don’t you check ID or something? I mean, couldn’t they look at past signatures at this address and maybe setup a verification system to see if it is the same signature? It is just ridiculous. Fedex is losing credibility quickly in my mind over this. I am sure that the other shipping services are the same way, but it is just stupid. And what if it is the driver who has it? Who is to say that the driver didn’t sign for it himself and is reading this on his new laptop?
So frustrating. Well, there goes my good mood I guess.

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Video Clips


Alright, here are the videos of the week this week.

Wow, I have posted a lot less than normal this week on any of my sites except for Comic Book Media. But that happens some weeks I guess.

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Video Clips and Lifehacks

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Create photo mosaics with Mosaickr and Flickr

Download of the Day: Ophrack Live CD

Download of the Day: Crossloop for remote control of desktops

Trade Old CD’s for New ones at SwapaCD

Seven New Year’s Resolutions for your PC

Find the Best FM Frequencies for your FM Transmitter

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Site Segregation

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So I have been telling people about my Random Thoughts for quite awhile. And I still will. But I am trying to segregate my different interests into specialty sites. So here is the rundown on what is going to be going on.

Feature Conversations – On Feature Conversations, we talk about  movie and entertainment news as a podcast, but we will also be adding news articles onto there as well from time to time. So if you are looking for entertainment news, that is where you will need to go. You can also go to to get to the site.
Constantly Thinking -  Constantly Thinking is a website owned by my friend Brandon and is about technology and computer related stuff. So if you are interested in the technical aspect of life, then we will both be writing quite a bit of stuff over there.

Comic Book Media – Comic Book Media is a site that is going to be about just that. It is about movies and tv and video games and such as they relate to comic books. So if you like the geek side of media, then Comic Book Media should be a good time.

So that should cover everything. And anything else that is out there that doesn’t fall into a category like the internet videos and stuff will still be on here. And of course my own personal matters will be on here. Kind of like this post. So go check out all of the stuff I am involved in and see what is going on in the world. Hopefully you can keep up with me.

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20GB MP3 Player for $129

Web/Tech | Creative

Okay, I normally wouldn’t comment or put this up, but this is a really good deal. If you are looking for a high capacity mp3 player, here is a player that is 20GB from Creative and is only $129. That is a stellar deal. So if you are looking for an mp3 player and don’t want to go the iPod route or want to pay the mad cash, then this one is a good deal.

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Tech Posts


Rumor: Wii Darts is coming, Beer drinkers excited
Nintendo Wii Sports Pack Wiimote Attachments
Microsoft launching Windows home server product at CES
LG Brings HD DVD/Blu-ray Combo Drive to Your PC
Live feed from Steve Jobs’ keynote address
XCM Cable Hooks Up Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2
Nintendo’s Wii Play to be released 2/12/07
What wifi sniffers can find out about you
Setting Up a Home Theater Network for Less Than a Grand
Studios Greenlight Downloaded Movie Burning, Caveats Galore
Windows Live for TV Debuts
Logitech X-240 Speakers With iPod Dock
USBCell Rechargeable Batteries Now Available at ThinkGeek
USB Humping Dog Porks a Wii
How to fix stuck pixels on LCDs
Free e-book teaches Ruby programming
First *REAL* Wii game-copy released!
Basic Networking Commands you should know!
Hollywood OKs Downloads to DVD
Music on Your Wii Starts Here
EverNote – A single place for all your notes!
ExtremeTech Puts Movie Download Sites to the Test
Windows Live for TV beta Get Ready for DRM-FREE 2007: Amazon, LimeWire, MySpace, eMusic, Yahoo Music
Pocket Ref for Make subscribers
Avis Bringing WiFi to Their Rental Cars
Music industry set to relax digital restrictions? [News]
The Successor of Windows Vista and Longhorn
Play All Your iTunes on a Wii, DRM Be Damned
Play 10,000+ Nintendo and Sega Games in Your Browser!
The Newspaper Clipping Generator – Create your own fun newspaper.
GMail Hacked: Visit ANY Website, and Your Whole Contact List Can be Stolen
First “Googlephone” ends up being Samsung’s Ultra Edition 13.8 (Z720)
Google Video’s New Gmail-Centric Contact Manager
Dummies Book Cover Generator

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Entertainment, Video Clips, and Lifehacks

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Download of the Day: BitTyrant- All Platforms
Search Inside YouTube Videos
Geek To Live: Six Webapps to Help Keep your New Years Resolutions
Fix Your LCD’s Stuck Pixels
Download of the Day: Software for Starving Students
Mike Myers – THe New Keith Moon?
Tiffani Thiessen joins What About Brian
17 How the Hell Images
Heroes’ Masi Oka Bets on Thriller 21
Will Ferrell and John C Reilly In R Rating Hopeful Movie
Update on Mike Myers’ New Projects

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1st Quarter Releases of 2007


Well, let me start by saying Happy New Year. Can you believe it is already 2007? It really is hard to believe sometimes how time flies and how many movies have come and gone. So here we are looking ahead to the next quarter of films that are on the slate for the new year.

January 5
- Code Name: The Cleaner - Why do they keep making these action comedies? This one stars Cedric the Entertainer who gets amnesia and then believes he is a secret agent. Come on, really? this is just getting ridiculous.
- Freedom Writers – This looks kind of like Dangerous Minds, but instead of Michelle Pfeiffer, we have Hillary Swank. It could be a good film. It may be one of those cases where it wasn’t quite up to Oscar caliber, so they decided to release it when there wouldn’t be as much competition.
- Happily N’Ever After - This could be surprisingly good. Anything with Patrick Warburton is automatic comedy in my book. The guy is a hoot. It is from the Producer of Shrek, so it has a chance.

January 12
- Alpha Dog – So Justin Timberlake finally got a major acting gig huh? There are a lot of really good actors in this film, the big question is whether Timberlake kills the film. The trailer looks pretty good actually, but I am just nervous about it.
- Stomp the Yard – You have got to be kidding me. Another dance movie? Holy geez. This one adds in the college culture just so that we can be sure it isn’t aimed at adults.
January 19
- The Hitcher – A remake of a scary film about a hitchhiker. It has Sean Bean in it and Sophia Bush. So it has promise, but with it coming out in January, I won’t put it on too high a pedestal.

January 26
- Blood and Chocolate - Vampire movies have their place in the spring, and this one fills that spot. It may be about Werewolves, but it feels like the Underworld movie that it has its place with.
- Catch and Release – Oh gracious, I guess it is time for popcorn date movies huh? Well, Jennifer Garner had to be something I guess.
- Epic Movie – This film will fit right in here in the spring when nothing is out. It is another one of those like scary movie and date movie that is a spoof of the current movie and pop culture. If you keep going, they keep making them. Don’t feed the cycle.
- Smokin’ Aces – I really like the look of this film. It looks really good. Like a good action movie with a lot of a-list actors. I have to say, this is my pick for the week.

February 2
- Because I Said So – Ladies, take your girlfriends to see this one. It is a chick flick through and through.
- The Messengers – Kids in freaky movies are always really wierd. This one is no different. It is kind of freaky thinking about kids seeing stuff when everyone else doesn’t. Not cool man, not cool.
- Rogue – You’re kidding me. No trailer and it is only a month away from release? I have nothing to say.

February 9
- Hannibal Rising – The prequel to the prequel of Silence of the Lambs. It really looks like a chilling movie.
- Norbit – It’s Eddie Murphy doing his thing. He dresses up as different characters and tries his best for laughs. The trailer looks cute, but how will the actual movie be?

February 14
- Music and Lyrics – Hugh Grant, what are you doing with your career? He has put out some really good films actually, but I doubt this will be one of them. It looks really bad. I hope I am wrong, but I seriously doubt it.
- Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls – Another Tyler Perry movie? If you like his stuff, this is right up your alley. I personally am not a fan.

February 16
- Breach – Ryan Phillippe, Chris Cooper and Laura Linney in a thriller about the government and espionage. The trailer looks really good. Ryan Phillippe can act, and Cooper and Linney have been on top of thier game for years. This looks like it may be a quality movie after all.
- Bridge to Terabithia – It’s like Narnia, but not as good and with not as near as big of a following.
- Ghost Rider – Spring is the stomping ground for comic book movies that aren’t up to blockbuster standards. This one stars Nicholas Cage. I am hopeful that I will like this one. It looks really cool. And the special effects look really good.
February 23
- The Astronaut Farmer – Billy Bob Thornton is trying to build a rocket to put himself into space. I am doubting how good this film is going to be, but we will have to wait and see.
- Black Snake Moan – There isn’t a trailer yet, but this film looks super cool. I am completely excited about this movie. I can’t wait to see some clips from the film.
- Gray Matters – No trailer yet on this one either. It has a nice cast of Sissy Spacek, Alan Cumming, Heather Graham and James Madsen. I will have to reserve judgement til I see some footage though.
- The Number 23 – Jim Carrey has taken some odd roles and is going more in the way of serious roles. This is a thriller drama type movie that could be really good. But I haven’t liked most of Carrey’s serious work so I doubt I will like this one.
- Reno 911!: Miami – I don’t like the TV show. it is just wierd to me. But this movie looks really funny. I don’t know what is different, but I do like the look of this film.

February TBA
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – I make no secret of the fact that I think Brad Pitt is one of the best actors out there. And this trailer gets me excited about the film. But the fact that it is in spring and they still haven’t set a real date makes me think this thing is going to be atrocious. Here’s hoping it’s not.
March 2
- Full of It – No trailer yet. Looks like a teen movie though. So maybe they will have an idea as to whether this sounds good.
- The Hills Have Eyes 2 – I swear, if a scary movie makes about 20 million total, it gets a sequel. More of the same in this one.
- Wild Hogs – John Travolta, William H. Macy, Martin Lawrence, and Tim Allen riding Harleys. What happened to these guys’ careers? I think they took a slow ride.
- Zodiac – Really high quality cast and a really neat looking film. I think this one looks extremely interesting.

March 9
- 300 – Looks freaking ridiculously amazing. I can’t believe how cool this movie looks. Gets me pumped just watching the trailer.
- Fast Track – Zach Braff’s new film looks really funny. I like the way this looks.
- Fido – There isn’t a trailer out for this, but there is a clip up that looks like this film is going to be a lot of fun. I mean, having a zombie as a housepet. Good concept.
- Reign Over Me – What a good trailer that is. Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler star in a film about a man who loses his way and tries to find it through an old friend. It has me intrigued.

March 16
- I Think I Love My Wife – Chris Rock is a funny guy, but he is not a good actor. And this just solidifes that statement.
- Lucky You – Eric Bana and Robert Duvall in a film about poker. Not really my cup of tea, but it might be good.
- The Pleasure of Your Company – No trailer, but a good cast in this comedy. Isla Fisher, Jason Biggs and Joe Pantoliano star.
- Premonition – Another movie to fall between the cracks. Sandra Bullock stars in a film about the supernatural and the difference between reality and the dream world.
- Shooter – Mark Wahlberg’s new film. It looks like a mix between Commando and U.S. Marshalls.

March 23
- Dead Silence – No Trailer yet, but let me just say that if one of the things that you want to advertise is that it is from the same people who brought you Saw, then you don’t have much to go on. This does not look like my type of movie.
- First Snow – Looks interesting, especially with Guy Pearce in it, but the trailer just kind of leaves me expecting more, so I don’t expect too much out of it.
- The Last Mimzy – I am not really sure about this one. It looks like a magic type of movie. And it has a toy bunny that is alive or something. I don’t know. I am not really sure what this one is truly about.
- Pride – Couldn’t get the trailer to work for me, so I don’t know too much about it. It has some good actors in it, so it has a chance just on that. And it is about a real life story, so there is a draw. So it could be good. I just need another trailer so that I can see for myself exactly what is going on.
- TMNT – You have no idea how big of a Ninja Turtles fan I was back in the day. This gets me so excited. I know a lot of people who have said that they don’t like it because it isn’t dark enough. But it isn’t supposed to be dark. These are the turtles that I have known for years so I am very pumped about this one.

March 30

- Blades of Glory – Will Ferrell and Jon Heder on skates, beautiful.
- Meet the Robinsons – This actually looks alright. There are some really funny moments in the trailer. Like with the dinosaur’s small arms. Brilliant.
- The Reaping – This looks like a very wierd movie starring Hilary Swank and is about some strange stuff going on in a small town. If you like scary movies, this one’s for you.
- Rescue Dawn – Anything Christian Bale touches turns to gold these days. And this one is no different. He really escalates everyone around him in every movie he is in. I really like the look of this trailer. It gets me really pumped for the actual film about a pilot who was shot down during Vietnam.
March TBA
- Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters – Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of those shows where you either love it or hate it. I think it is hilarious so I think this will just step over the boundaries that TV puts on it and put it over the edge of funny.

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