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Well, i figure it is time for a few updates on things to let everyone know what’s going on.

It’s summer-time, so we are looking at vacation later this summer, so we are stoked about that. Luckily we have a nice neighborhood and a dog/house-sitter, so everything is already taken care of.

Sarah is working hard on Southern Living. She is doing a great job too. She gets more and more excited about it every time she has a Southern Living meeting.

I got a new title a couple of months ago that people may not know about. I went from Systems Administrator to Senior Business Systems Analyst. Adds a layer of complexity to my job functions, as well as takes away some of the desktop support, emphasis on some. I get to look at processes and how our company can best be productive through technology. I like that part.

I am going to start writing on here again at http://aaronlmyers.com.
I have been writing on constantlythinking.com, but I kind of want to write about a lot more than tech, unless I am getting paid to write about it of course.

So, expect to see stories about what’s going on with me, stories about movies, as well as technology, because those are the things I love.

Also, you will notice that on the right side there are a few things that you can read that weren’t there before. The first is the Tweets, which consist of kind of quick updates of what is happening with me at that very moment through twitter. Also, you will see the upcoming news stories section that is all of my shared news stories that I have read that I think might be of interest to others. So, if you are bored and want some good news and articles to read, just click on through and check out the stories on that page. There is really some quality stuff there.

Anyways, just enjoy the site. It will still filter into my tumblog, so if you just want to follow along there, then you can still do that.

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