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Entertainment News

Movies, Television

Street Fighter Returns to the Big Screen

Pets in Geeky Costumes

Penguin Spoof Goes Straight to DVD

Nissan is giving thier Heisman vote to Winner of an Online Poll

Halo Completely Killed

Bob Barker to retire in June

The Five Reasons we will miss Bob Barker

Blockbuster Online’s Total Access Lets you Return DVD’s to Stores

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Entertainment Posts

Movies, Television

Microsoft Reasserts Commitment to Halo Movie

Next Smallville DVD in HD

Geek Bytes: Flickr-ing Four, Transformers Tantalization, and Too Much 300

Meet Shrek 3′s Princess Squad

10 Reasons Target is Better than Wal-Mart

Superman will return in a sequel

Stop the Press: Tom Cruise Goes Trek

Hellboy Animated Movies based on Comics

MST3K Teams to create Film Crew

Sneak Peek at Venom from Spiderman 3

Caprica: TV Series Prequel to Battlestar Galactica

Galactus Details Unveiled in "Rise"

Marvel Pacts with No Equal for Moon Knight

Fourth Spiderman 3 Villain Revealed?

A Look at Marvel’s SuperPowered Finances

Halo Movie moving forward

Learn the Next Sci-Fi series coming to FOX

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Entertainment News and links

Movies, Television

25 Signs that, Sadly, You’ve Grown up

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man

Lord of the Rings Quiz

Micheal Caine on Sleuth and Batman sequel

An early look at Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory

WETA to do Silver Surfer for Fantastic Four

Mel GIbson Screens and talks about Apocalypto

For Sale: Nightmare on Elm Street House

More Silver Surfer Details

Sam Raimi to Produce ArchEnemies

David Hasselhoff not in Knight Rider

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Entertainment Posts

Movies, Television

Eric Bana still possible for Incredible Hulk

Katharine McPhee addresses Wonder Woman rumors

Guy Pearce may play Two-Face in next Batman

Will Brad Pitt replace Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible 4?

Will Ferrell on Elf 2 and Old School Dos

Make your own Marvel movies with new software

Check out the new 007 Song by Chris Cornell

New SNL Cast revealed

Freddy and Jason may return to kick some Ash

Franco Iffy on Spiderman 4

Wolverine Movie in 2008?

The Ring in 30 Seconds Reenactment

And then I just thought this was funny. Check out this leaf. What does it make you think of?

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Entertainment News

Movies, Television, Videos

Bob Hoskins would love to be Penguin

Scrubs will now be Syndicated

Fantastic Four News

Peter Jackson finds a new Trilogy

Heath Ledger hates Comic Book Movies – Not a good sign

Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey join forces for new Dr. Seuss movie

Silver Surfer won’t be CGI

Marvel Avengers Update

Silver Surfer specifics

New Hulk Director answers questions

Jet Li confirms movie with Jackie Chan

Old School 2 in the works

And now for a few movie trailers

Fur - Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Kidman

Apocalypto – The latest film from Mel Gibson

Looking for Kitty - A new film by Ed Burns. I am loving his stuff

The Invisible - It looks pretty neat. Kind of like The Sixth Sense for obvious reasons.

Eragon – This trilogy could be amazing. I am extremely enthused about this one.

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Clips & Trailers

Movies, Television, Videos

Well, since I posted a bunch of clips halfway through the week, I don’t have a slew of them this weekend. But here is what I have found.

This is why cheerleaders have it rough.

This weatherman freaks when he sees a roach.

This girl loses her mind on a radio show and sees exactly what she is handling.

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Darth Vader’s got nothing on these guys

Alright, that is all I have in the way of clips, and I only have 1 trailer for you to check out this week. And it is for the new James Bond film : Casino Royale. The book for this was really good, and I hope that the film is just as good. Daniel Craig looks great as Bond and really, to me, looks like Bond should look in this role. Check out the trailer here.

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Super Video Clips for the week

Movies, Television, Videos

Alright, I didn’t do anything with videos over the weekend because I was away, so I have a slew of videos for you to check out. So this will be a really long post and I will try to give you an idea of what each one is. Enjoy. There are some real gems this week.

Best Penalty Kick Ever

Tom Cruise Commercial on SpikeTV. Makes fun of Cruise

Vintage Folgers Commercial with a little innuendo

How in the world do people do the Rubik’s Cube this fast?

Conan’s Writers are hilarious. The Walker Texas Ranger clips are amazing. And this may be the best one of all.

Possessed Demon Cat – Make sure  you turn the volume down. The cat is freakin loud.

Funny skit from SNL making fun of T. Bell and their idea of innovation.

Inside the Actors Studio with Kevin Spacey. Six minutes of him doing impressions that are spot-on.

Sacha Baron Cohen on the Daily Show. What a funny guy.

Conan O’Brien’s intro to the Emmy’s Part 1

Conan O’Brien Intro Part 2

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert presenting at the Emmys. Good stuff.

Hope you enjoyed those. If you find a clip somewhere that you want me to post, just send it to my email address.

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Entertainment News

Movies, Television

The Old Release Date Shuffle for movies

Looks like Kevin Smith is going to be doing a horror movie next

Marvel Studios’ Upcoming Slate of movies

Are we going to see a Lethal Weapon 5

Then Ten is getting cast members. This looks like a star studded cast if I’ve ever seen one.

TMNT going back to basics – It doesn’t matter what happens in pre-production or in news for this film. I will be seeing it. I grew up with the Turtles

Surprise! People Prefer Movies At Home

Will Jude Law be playing General Zod in the next Superman movie?

WB plays the Release Date shuffle with their films as well

Zak Penn is writing " The Avengers"

Pixar’s next movie revealed

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Videos and Trailers

Movies, Television, Videos, Web/Tech

School for Scoundrels Trailer – Jon Heder and Billy Bob Thornton compete for the same girl. Looks really funny.

We Are Marshall  Trailer – The real life story of the football team that died in a plane crash in the 70′s. This is about the events that followed.

New Borat Trailer – Looks absolutely hilarious. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna make a lot of people mad, but I’m not going to be one of them.

10th and Wolf Trailer – What if your family was a part of a mob and you got out, but the police wanted you back in? This movie stars James Marsden and Giovanni Ribisi.

Half Nelson Trailer - This movie is getting amazing reviews. It is about Ryan Gosling who plays a school teacher who really tries to make a difference.

Hidden Catacombs Trailer - This is a thriller starring Shannyn Sossamon and Pink. I am not sure what to think about it, but the trailer looks promising. It just doesn’t give much in the way of storyline.

Behind the Scenes video of Transformers – I get more and more pumped about this movie as it draws nearer.

DOA clip – Based on the popular video game. This movie looks kind of like Charlies Angels so you will be able to just have fun watching it, and it will add humor to the fighting.

View the first 6 minutes of footage online of The Illusionist - I am so excited about this flick. Anything Edward Norton is in is going to be good.

A monkey messing with a dog. I want a monkey just for this reason.

A lady beats up a reporter on the news live


Chad Vader dayshift manager episode 1

Chad Vader dayshift manager episode 2

So, that is it for the day. Enjoy it guys

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Video clips for the week

Movies, Television, Videos, Weblogs

Okay, here are some good video clips. I will start with the trailers, and then let you watch the rest on here. Enjoy

Ben Stiller’s new comedy/action movie Night at the Museum looks like fun.

The next Russell Crowe vehicle A Good Year looks like he is working his way towards the hearts of Americans again.

Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. I am not sure what I think about this one yet. We’ll have to wait and see when it gets closer to release.

Did you like The Nightmare Before Christmas? What would you think if I told you that they are making a version of the film in 3-D so you can really become part of the world?

What if someone like Bill Maher or Jon Stewart ran for president? Well, put Robin Williams in that role, and that’s what you get in his movie Man of the Year.

Alright, time to check out some fun video clips. Have fun.

A hilarious rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart played by household appliances.

If only treadmills were always as fun as this music video. And this is really impressive

Will Ferrell on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Really funny clip

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